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We are Weddii

We have different backgrounds, but we share a common goal: To help couples and vendors find each other and make wedding planning easier for both parties.

Luna Christoffersen
I coordinate our internal operations to make sure we are creating a platform that brings value to vendors and couples.
Mirka Vangorova
I turn your user journey into a smooth and intuitive experience.
Frederikke Hjorth-Larsen
I keep you updated on wedding trends and news from Weddii, so you get the most out of your profile.
Pedro Quaresma
I assure the secure processes behind submitting your requests. I implement new features together with the database set up in the backend.
Miguel Gomes
Jorge Dias
I adjust the front-end elements in order to provide you with the best possible experience.
Board of Directors
Lasse Johansen
I conceptualize our website features, and make sure they bring value to our vendors and couples.
Ulrik Thyregod
I set the creative direction of the Weddii brand to make clear what we stand for.
Bo Danner Henriksen
I make sure our internal procedures and processes are efficient so our staff can concentrate and focus their time and effort to make the best product for you.
Advisory Board
Bjarke Finlov
Henrik Sørensen
Peter Bang
Frederik Jespersen
Rasmus Thude
Asger Dath